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Something in the Air

UK title card

No. of season: 5
No. of epsiode: 15
No. of series: 119
Director: David Mitton
Producer: Britt Allcroft
David Mitton
Writer: Britt Allcroft
David Mitton
Narrator: Michael Angelis (UK)
Alec Baldwin (US)
Original air date: October 11th, 1998 (UK)
October 29th, 1998 (US)
Previous: Toby's Discovery
Next: Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach

Something in the Air is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season and the 119th episode of the series. In this episode, Henry ignores Thomas' warning about a dangerous line.


At the keyside of a small village, some fish are being loaded into Thomas' vans. The start of his trip to Brendam was delayed by a crate of fish falling onto him. His driver and fireman don't care that he was rudely interrupted, so they laugh. He was pleased to move on the eroded tracks on the coastal route. Once he arrives at Brendam Docks, Henry doesn't listen to Thomas' warnings and leaves before the signalman can be warned. In a rush, Henry puffs straight into the sea and has to stay there all night until he was rescued. When Henry was back on the rails, Thomas jokes with him about the whole adventure.




  • Some TUGS models can be seen in this episode.
  • A faceless Bulstrode model can be seen when Henry reaches the Coastal Track.
  • The line "I can't help it" is heard in Ben Small version.
  • When Henry is pulled in the boat of fish, the line "Pah" is heard in Keith Wickham version.
  • In Germany this episode is named "Henry Takes a Bath". The Italian title is "Henry's Soaking". In Japan, this episode is called "Green Whale". The Swedish title of this episode is called, "It's in the Air".
  • This episode marks the last appearance of The Flying Kipper.

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